November 01, 2011


When it comes to celebrate Halloween, Heidi Klum and her husband Seal are the best!!!! They usually throw a big party every year...

Below you can see some of the best costumes that they wore... The thing I love the most is the fact that Heidi who is absolutely gorgeous and always stylish, never tries to be sexy or beautiful when it comes to Halloween costumes!!!! She uses her creativity instead and looks like she's having a blast...

Heidi Klum's 2011 Halloween party

Heidi as a futuristic giant robot while seal is a tiny but muscle man. Both on their 2010 Halloween party!!!!

Again as a couple, Heidi and Seal went for their 2009 bash all black!!!!

My favorite Heidi costume!!!! Pay attention to all of the fantastic details!!!! And she wore it on her 2009 Halloween costume party... 

On Heidi's 2007 Halloween Party she played simple wearing a kitty costume!!!!

Here Seal is playing Eve's while Heidi is Adam's Apple... What an incredible idea!!!!!!

Here Klum sported a daring vampire costume at her 2005 Halloween costume party. The outfit even featured a heart that beat outside her chest!

The supermodel dressed up as the Red Witch for her 2004 NYC blowout at Marquee. A skeleton was attached to Klum's backpack, making it weigh nearly 50 pounds once the costume was complete!!!

Here you can see Heidi dressed as a golden alien for her 2003 Halloween bash!!! Look at her also golden teeth...

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